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Following the major concern about Town Centre parking since Civil Parking Enforcement was brought in during June 2012, Westover Councillors launched a campaign to identify roads and zones that could be considered for a pilot RESIDENT PARKING SCHEME.

Residents Parking : Making sure it works for everyone

After years of campaigning on behalf of the 80% of people in the streets affected who wanted residents parking in Westover we are almost there -but we need to make sure we get it right so that it works for everyone. Today letters to residents have arrived from Somerset County Council which is in effect […]

Residents Parking: We Dared to Dream…

Yes it was more than 4 years ago that residents of Westover said PLEASE can we have a residents parking scheme and councillors said ‘we’ll support that, but only in the streets that really really want them’ and so we asked Somerset County Council, but then it took all that time to get them to […]

Sedgemoor Exec votes to increase Car Parking Charges across the District

In a bid to gain an extra £90,000 in revenue funding Sedgemoor District Council Executive today voted through a package of measures which will raise car parking charges across the district by 10% and to standardize  the daily charges across the district to £5. The Exec also agreed to consult with relevant disability user groups […]


After a 2 year battle to establish Residents Parking Schemes in the Westover ward of Bridgwater a consultation undertaken by residents acting as ‘scheme champions’ has resulted in a 91% support for the establishment of RPZ’s in their streets. 6 scheme champions knocked on 249 doors in Castle st, West Quay, Fishermans Wharf,Bond st, Blacklands, […]

Resident Parking : The Zones take shape

After a two year campaign to help streets which want residents parking schemes to make that dream become a reality the process is now well and truly underway. Scheme champions have been active in identified streets with 60% support and Somerset County Council have set up a 10 point procedure as to how to achieve […]