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Anger as EDF roadworks affect Town Centre Trade

A group of Traders have met with their councillors to raise concerns about the disastrous effect of EDF’s programme of road works on their trade. The roadworks on the Taunton road/Broadway A38/39 junction have been extensive causing tailbacks for the past two months, creating rat runs through one way streets and increasing stress amongst road […]

Squibflakes and Shopping

Although we’ve been listening to the merry strains of every festive song from ‘Do they Know I wish it could be Christmas every Christmas’ to ‘Happy Christmas Mr Hargreaves time for your injection’, blaring out from shops for the past month, in fact Christmas actually started today. Here in Bridgwater we have a recent ancient […]

Return of the Bridgwater Christmas Tree

A year ago Bridgwater people were lamenting the lack of the town centre Christmas tree which had been removed because of fear of vandalism. A Facebook campaign started by Westover resident Steve Coram via the popular site ‘Bridgwater Past and Present’   for the reinstatement of the tree was so well supported that Westover Councillors took […]

Town Council Considers Key Westover proposals for Bridgwater

Bridgwater Town Council this week looked at two key action plans from Westover Councillors for the regeneration of the Town Centre and also of the Bridgwater to Taunton Canal and Docks. Cllr Brian Smedley, who brought the items to the Council’s agenda, explains the background. “The Town Centre is the focal point not only of […]


By day Bridgwater’s 19th century bridge is a bustling crossing between the east and west parts of the town centre but as night falls it can become a focal point for noisy drinkers sometimes until the early hours of the morning. Not only this but residents tell of boy racers skidding across it and hurtling […]