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Town Council Launches 20MPH For Schools Campaign

Bridgwater Town Council has launched a campaign to have 20 MPH speed limits outside every school in Bridgwater and has challenged Somerset County Council to end it’s piecemeal approach to the subject and simply introduce 20 zones to the lot. This follows a frustrating campaign by Polden street residents to get the zoning introduced in […]

Town Councillors and Chamber of Commerce put pressure on EDF over ‘Catastrophic Roadworks’

Bridgwater Town Council  and Bridgwater Chamber of Commerce have come together to help put pressure on EDF in the light of their most recent and most catastrophic highway ‘improvements’ along the Bristol road and organised an important  meeting for the traders affected. Town Council’s spokesman for ‘all things nuclear’ Westover County Councillor Leigh Redman (Bridgwater […]

‘Let’s Bring Everyone Home Safe’: County gets it’s act together

It was slightly reminiscent of the Dunkirk spirit last Friday afternoon when Bridgwater transport company Webberbus suddenly collapsed and the Transport providers of the County realised they’d have to start working together and quick. Derek Harvey of First busses was quick off the mark and the call went out to his drivers “Let’s bring everyone […]

WebberBust : County forced to step in on abandoned bus routes

Local coach company Webberbus has ceased trading due to financial difficulties leaving the counties deregulated transport infrastructure in an even bigger mess. Somerset County Council has been forced to step in to cover routes now abandoned by what was seen as one of its key operators. A Somerset County Spokesperson said “Wherever possible the authority […]

Webberbus to the Rescue!

Campaigners fighting for the restoration of a local bus service from Newtown to the town centre are celebrating today with the news that following the issue being raised at the Town Transport Forum, Webberbus have agreed to step in with a solution. Mark Pedlar, Webberbus delegate to the Transport Forum, said “We are taking over […]