Dog Bin Poll results…it’s a TIE for first place.

westover dog bin surveyNever mind all these forthcoming elections, the poll we’ve all been waiting for has now been concluded and the votes are in, counted verified and ……er…’s a dead heat.

By close of poll midnight 10th April, the Morrisons/YMCA site and the Docks site had each received 19% of the popular vote. In 3rd place came the West Street canal exit with 14%. So…….in true democratic fashion we’re going to re-open the poll for another week with just these three choices and THEN plant a dog bin there.

Site 1. Morrisons YMCA Canalside.

Location 5 Morrisons
Location 1 Morrisons







Site 2 Docks Tidal Basin.

Location 2 Docks
Location 2 Docks







Site 3 West street Canal exit.

Location 3 West st
Location 3 West st







Take the Poll. Deadline Midnight 17th April

(that’s right, the anniversary of Eddie Cochran’s death)

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
start_date 10-04-2015 22:15:56
end_date 17-04-2015 23:59:59
Poll Results:
In which of these 3 sites should we locate a dog bin?