Town Council demands ‘Futureproofing’ as Tidal Barrier decision takes shape

‘From out of the mists of the Parrett a mighty barrier will arise’….Cllr Smedley ponders as he wanders on the proposed site

In the second world war the River Parrett was going to be Churchill’s ‘stop line’ if Hitler had invaded from the south west. That’s why there’s pill boxes everywhere. Today the major issue along the banks of our river is stopping any tidal invasion of Bridgwater and so that’s why they’re going to build a Tidal Barrier here.

This week Sedgemoor District Council and the Environment Agency confirmed that their preferred location for the Barrier would be the ‘option 5’ one, just south of Express Park on the Bristol road and that their preferred model of Barrier would be the ‘Vertical lift one’. Bridgwater Town Council had urged option 4 and the ‘rising sector’ option which they believe would be the best combination for future regeneration of the waterways. Town Council Leader Brian Smedley (Lab,Westover) raised the issue immediately at this weeks Full Council Meeting of Sedgemoor District Council. Continue reading “Town Council demands ‘Futureproofing’ as Tidal Barrier decision takes shape”

Town Council Launches 20MPH For Schools Campaign

Eastover residents have had enough

Bridgwater Town Council has launched a campaign to have 20 MPH speed limits outside every school in Bridgwater and has challenged Somerset County Council to end it’s piecemeal approach to the subject and simply introduce 20 zones to the lot. This follows a frustrating campaign by Polden street residents to get the zoning introduced in the streets around Eastover school whilst at the same time fighting an increasing number of large lorries using the route as part of a rat run around the town, exacerbated by the never-ending EDF roadworks.

Eastover’s County Councillor Dave Loveridge has responded to a 2 year campaign by residents with petitions and lobbying of County portfolio holder David Fothergill , facilitating the introduction of Speed Indicator Tests and has now asked the Town Council for support in upping the stakes by making the case for all schools. Dave says “Residents have made the case tirelessly over the years  that there is a school in close proximity to these roads, there have been several near misses with children and there are elderly people trying to cross what are  quite narrow streets.” Continue reading “Town Council Launches 20MPH For Schools Campaign”

Labour County Election Campaign kicks off in Westover

Cllr Leigh Redman (Bridgwater South) kicks off Labour County election campaign in Westover

Westovers County Councillor Leigh Redman led his troops out onto the streets of Bridgwater today with the new edition of the Bridgwater Rose appearing through a letterbox near you in the near future.

The County Council election will be on Thursday May 4th and Leigh is leading the fight not just to keep Bridgwater RED but to extend Labour influence across the district.

Westover and Hamp form Leighs County division of Bridgwater South,but there are 3 other divisions across Bridgwater. Bridgwater North and Central is a Labour seat (Sydenham and Eastover) and held by Cllr Dave Loveridge, but Bridgwater West and East have been labour seats in the past but are currently held by the Tories – largely due to a rise in the UKIP vote letting the Tories in. The Lib Dems have long ago been wiped out in Bridgwater. Continue reading “Labour County Election Campaign kicks off in Westover”

I, Daniel Blake to be screened at the Engine Room

There will be a special screening of the film I, Daniel Blake at the Engine Room in Bridgwater on Thursday March 30th to coincide with Unite Community’s Day of Action on benefit sanctions.

Andy Mitchell of UNITE Community says “Places can be booked through the Somerset film website. There are 2 ticket types:£3 standard ticket and £10 solidarity ticket for those who can afford a bit more. Places are limited so please book early.In Bridgwater over 6,000 people have been referred for a sanction since the Tories came into power. Ken Loach said recently that he could have filmed I, Daniel Blake in any town in the country.We will collect money for Bridgwater food bank on the night and any surplus money (after paying for the venue) raised from tickets will go to them too.”

Continue reading “I, Daniel Blake to be screened at the Engine Room”

Town Councillors and Chamber of Commerce put pressure on EDF over ‘Catastrophic Roadworks’

Cllr Leigh Redman “EDF need to get their cheque book out now or find a constructive way to help before we lose a business”

Bridgwater Town Council  and Bridgwater Chamber of Commerce have come together to help put pressure on EDF in the light of their most recent and most catastrophic highway ‘improvements’ along the Bristol road and organised an important  meeting for the traders affected.

Town Council’s spokesman for ‘all things nuclear’ Westover County Councillor Leigh Redman (Bridgwater South) said  “Initially the meeting looked like a possible wash out after EDF’s front man David Eccles said he would not make the meeting, leaving his hard working contractors to take the heat. Then a miracle happened and he thought better of missing the meeting and so made a late appearance. It was very frustrating listening to Mr Eccles explain that EDF do not care for Bridgwater traders or businesses. In fact it is simple, they need to put a compensation package into place before someone goes bust because of their roadworks! “ Continue reading “Town Councillors and Chamber of Commerce put pressure on EDF over ‘Catastrophic Roadworks’”