On this day in History: May 2nd 1785 Bridgwater becomes the First Town to Petition against the Slave Trade

Bridgwater in 1785 (Binford Place in fact)

Of all the great Bridgwater firsts, the most inspiring, morally uplifting and mildly unexpected, was the claim to be the first town to petition against the evil transatlantic slave trade, referred to by some as the ‘Black Holocaust’ whereby some 12 million Africans were forcibly removed from their homes and compelled to work as slaves in the cotton fields of the Americas. So I researched it, and luckily it’s all true. I even found the date ….May 2nd 1785. So how did this all come about?

The Slave Trade reached its height in the 18th century at the same time as Britain was leading the world in terms of industrial revolutions and empire building. And the links between these factors were obvious.   Continue reading “On this day in History: May 2nd 1785 Bridgwater becomes the First Town to Petition against the Slave Trade”

The Russian Revolution: 100 Years On

On Tuesday October 31st, 7pm at the Engine Room, Bridgwater Trades Union Council is hosting a special public discussion to mark the October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The meeting is part of the Engine Room’s “Bridgwater Together” celebrations, running from Saturday October 28th to Saturday 4th November.

From Tuesday 31st to Saturday November 4th, the Russian Revolution theme continues with an Engine Room exhibition of rare and original Soviet Posters and photographic magazines, organised and curated by Bridgwater’s Irena Brezowski. Under the title ‘Ten Days that shook the world’ this Exhibition of Soviet Cinema posters from 1919-1960’s and Soviet general information posters will be ,arking the centenary of the Russian Revolution 1917-2017 and will be free for all to see from 31ST October – 4 November 2017 at the Engine Room.

Concluding the week of events on Thursday  01/11/’17 at 7.00pm the Film : The Man with a Movie Camera ‘ will be showing. This ground breaking silent Soviet film by Dziga Vertov will be followed by  a discussion .The Engine Room ,50, High St Bridgwater.TA6 3BL (Tel :01278 433187) will be open  10.00-4.00 Monday- Friday, and 10.00-3.00  on Saturday . Continue reading “The Russian Revolution: 100 Years On”

Bridgwater History Day 2017 will be November 11

Bridgwater people have always been proud of their town’s history whether it’s the first town to petition against the slave trade or the last battle on English soil. For the second year running the Bridgwater Arts Centre will be playing host to a day brimming with Bridgwater history.

History Day has been sponsored by Bridgwater Town Council, Bridgwater & District Civic Society and Bridgwater & Taunton College.

The event will be held on Saturday 11th November at the Bridgwater Art Centre from 10am until 4pm. There will be seven different speakers, films, photos, and displays and the event is free so people can stay for the day or drop in and out as they wish Continue reading “Bridgwater History Day 2017 will be November 11”

BRIDGWATER TOGETHER: Looking Back and Looking Forward

For the third year running Bridgwater organisations have come together to promote an event that celebrates the towns diversity and Internationalism. This week the main day long drop in session on Saturday 28th October will be supplemented by a series of other events during the course of the week. All events are free.

Celebrating international links and cultural diversity at the Engine Room in Bridgwater

Saturday 28th October  10am – 5pm
Bridgwater Together celebration
Music, film, food, dancing  and personal histories of the rich and diverse cultures  in the town and surrounding areas: from Bangra dancing to Bulgarian medieval architecture; face-painting to Polish films – something for all the family. Come and share the food and join in the fun! Continue reading “BRIDGWATER TOGETHER: Looking Back and Looking Forward”

Bridgwater’s Czech-Slovak Links put into Historical Context at Public Event

In 1992 Bridgwater became the first British town to twin with a Czechoslovakian town after the Velvet Revolution in that country brought about the end of Communism. On Monday October 30th, as part of the ‘Bridgwater Together’ week of internationalist events at the Engine Room, High street home of Somerset Film & Video, 2 speakers will talk about the historic events that connect Britain and Bridgwater to the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Continue reading “Bridgwater’s Czech-Slovak Links put into Historical Context at Public Event”