Have You Seen the Marmite People yet?

Carline Wilkins welcomes visitors to the Art Centre to see the Marmite people

An art exhibition by Bridgwater and Taunton College students has been launched in Bridgwater this week and will be on display until the end of March. The project is called ‘Marmite People’ and can be viewed freely at the Bridgwater Arts Centre in castle Street and at St Mary’s Church. Art and Design students have produced a thought provoking , overtly political and socially forthright display of  creativity and compassion taking on board some of the major issues in the world that faces them as they grow up in this town. Everyone should take a look.

Arts Centre Chair Caroline Wilkins said “We really welcome this exhibition, it’s got a real edge to it. There’s some real statements there and such a degree of awareness. The students have produced some fantastic thought provoking works and taken a critical look at the politics all around them. Well worth a visit!”

Marmite People

The ‘Marmite’ theme is clear. You either love it or hate it. That’s the case with many of the themes of the exhibition, whether it’s Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin -loved by many, despised in equal measure, or whether it’s heroes such as Nelson Mandela – now venerated but for decades locked up in a racist prison by people who thought that was a good thing to do.

Social issues that matter to young people are in your face to deal with. On one side it’s images of the Gay and Lesbian Community showing solidarity with coalminers during the strike of 84-85, and on the next wall there’s Christ and his disciples alongside Charles Manson and his.

Marmite People

Will you be a ‘censored voice’?

Drug Lord Pablo Escobar gets a look in contrasted against a charitable donation collection, as does Princess Diana in her Paris car crash, hounded by the Paparazi  while on the next wall her son Prince Harry is equally targetted for his choice of a mixed race partner by modern day racists, while the South Yorkshire Police are singled out in a hail of pointing fingers on a Hillsborough tragedy display and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is depicted as a player in a deadly video game.

If your favourite (or most despised) ‘Marmite Person’ hasn’t been mentioned yet, don’t worry, they’ll probably be in there somewhere. Marolyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Jack the Ripper, Madeleine McCann, John Lennon, Amelia Earhart, Emily Pankhurst…. well, go see for yourself!!

Marmite People